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Autohome Airtop 360º (Black/Carbon)
Autohome Airtop 360º (Black/Carbon)Autohome Airtop 360º (Black/Carbon)Autohome Airtop 360º (Black/Carbon)Autohome Airtop 360º (Black/Carbon)Autohome Airtop 360º (Black/Carbon)

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The four new additional windows at the corners bring out the best in the large doors and windows at the sides. A total of eight apertures for the sunlight and contact with nature. Airtop 360° provides an all-round view from the tent, which is protected with a high-tech innovative mosquito net called “black edition”, a standard fitting for Airtop 360°: dense and with heavy shading, it keeps away insects and inquisitive looks, for greater privacy. 

A refined tent with high-density mattress and pillows with matching yellow ochre zip to close the shades. The Top Airtex® fabric technical keeps out moisture and prevents condensation, ensuring comfort and a good night’s sleep. Ideal for torrid climates, with the same weather-proofing as the other tents in the Airtop range, it is one of the best loved tents made by Autohome. 

Airtop 360°: “inside you can see outside; outside you can’t see in”. 


You can’t control the weather. But in a violent storm, in high winds or blistering temperatures, Autohome has the right answer for comfortable tent life. The AIRLANDER, AIRLANDER PLUS, GRAND TOUR, EXTREME and AIRTOP models have always used prestige Dralon® (a Bayer textile). Unlike plasticized, coated or simply cotton fabrics, Dralon® is waterproof, strong and, above all, breathable. Every square centimeter of Dralon® helps to renew the air naturally, for genuine wellbeing and comfort inside the tent. The particular design of the fabric ensures insulation against both the heat and cold, and keeps off glare and excessive sunlight. 

Breathability: 50.8 mm/s - Pick any portion of the fabric and hold it to your mouth. Blow hard. If you can feel the air on the palm of your hand, it means the fabric is breathable. With a breathable fabric you never feel the lack of air and can breathe easily even when it is a hot night. And there are no draughts because you don’t need to leave the windows open to get rid of the moisture in the air. 

Transmission speed: 440g/mq/24hrs - Airtex® is a fabric that does not trap water vapour inside the tent but removes it naturally. This is the great difference with plasticized polyester, which is airtight and therefore creates moisture and condensation.

Bedrooms made to last

All particulars, from the design concept, materials and components, to the safety features and insulation, have been methodically chosen and thoroughly tested in order to obtain an all-weather proof product that can be depended upon at all times. Just like the structure of a boat, we have used fibreglass to pre-vent it from aging, discolouring or losing its shape. Its remarkable capacity to withstand knocks and bumps can ensure durability but should the worst happen Maggiolina is easily repaired.

Roof insulation with air gap is an exclusive Autohome feature.

The air cushion obtained by the internal alveolar panel and the anti-condensation foam allow a better thermal and acoustic insulation and a healthier and more silent place to rest in case of rain. 

The “sandwich” construction base has 25mm insulation thickness, while the two “C” shaped built in guides allow easy installation of roof tent with any kind of roof cross bars (normally without any additional fixings) offering a steady and safe structure in order to withstand any off-road stresses.

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