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Autohome Columbus Variant (Black/Carbon)
Autohome Columbus Variant (Black/Carbon)Autohome Columbus Variant (Black/Carbon)Autohome Columbus Variant (Black/Carbon)Autohome Columbus Variant (Black/Carbon)Autohome Columbus Variant (Black/Carbon)Autohome Columbus Variant (Black/Carbon)Autohome Columbus Variant (Black/Carbon)Autohome Columbus Variant (Black/Carbon)Autohome Columbus Variant (Black/Carbon)Autohome Columbus Variant (Black/Carbon)Autohome Columbus Variant (Black/Carbon)Autohome Columbus Variant (Black/Carbon)

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Ready for a weekend away or a long expedition, the Columbus Variant is always ready for a road trip. The Columbus models are very quick to set up—just flip a single latch, give a gentle push, and you are ready for a restful night’s sleep. Comfort is assured—stretch out and enjoy! 

Generous side and rear openings allow access and ventilation options. The slim, aerodynamic fiberglass shell of the Columbus Variant is made of high quality fiberglass with special resins—laid up by hand in the AutoHome factory. The result is a smooth, washable, easily maintained exterior that will last for many years of hard use. Tough and long-lasting, this design appeals for another reason—it is dust and waterproof, and offers minimal air resistance while traveling. 

Your bedding remains inside the Columbus (protected from dust and weather) when traveling, and is ready to provide a comfortable night ’s sleep as soon as you open the tent. 

The Columbus Variant is provided pre-drilled for the available ”Fit Kit” that provides a sturdy base for fitting a standard, gutter mounted roof rack system. This can be used to transport surfboards, kayaks or similar lighter loads that can ’t fit inside the vehicle. Very handy.

  • Now available in extra-long!—in response to requests from our taller customers the extra long model is a full eight inches longer than the standard Columbus Variant. 
  • Sleeping Arrangements - Several mattress sizes to choose from: “Small“ and “Medium” are both 81” long, Large“ is 82” long. The Extra Long “Small“ and “Medium“ mattresses are 90” long—an extra long length for taller people. 
  • Ready in an instant - There simply isn’t an easier to use, faster to set-up shelter on the market. One latch to open and the Columbus Variant pops up instantly. Your bedding is carried in place, ready for use in a second. 
  • Light and slippery - Perfect for car camping with smaller vehicles and hybrids. The Columbus Variant’s light weight an aerodynamic shape make it easy to mount and efficient in use. 
  • Carry stuff on top - Add the optional Fit Kit and the Columbus Variant can carry a piggy-back roof rack for a kayak, bicycle, what have you got to carry? 
  • Comfort in any weather - Whatever the weather the Columbus Variant will keep you dry and comfortable. Insulation top and bottom assures warmth, the convertible rear door and breathable fabric keeps out rain and snow. 
  • Proven worldwide - The Columbus design has been proven in over 30 years of service on several continents. Why gamble?

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