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Autohome Maggiolina Grand Tour (White/Carbon)
Autohome Maggiolina Grand Tour (White/Carbon)Autohome Maggiolina Grand Tour (White/Carbon)Autohome Maggiolina Grand Tour (White/Carbon)Autohome Maggiolina Grand Tour (White/Carbon)Autohome Maggiolina Grand Tour (White/Carbon)Autohome Maggiolina Grand Tour (White/Carbon)Autohome Maggiolina Grand Tour (White/Carbon)Autohome Maggiolina Grand Tour (White/Carbon)Autohome Maggiolina Grand Tour (White/Carbon)Autohome Maggiolina Grand Tour (White/Carbon)Autohome Maggiolina Grand Tour (White/Carbon)Autohome Maggiolina Grand Tour (White/Carbon)Autohome Maggiolina Grand Tour (White/Carbon)Autohome Maggiolina Grand Tour (White/Carbon)

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If you do not want to give up on the idea of looking at the view even when you are inside a tent, Maggiolina Grand Tour 360° is for you. Four additional new windows at the corners of the tent increase the visibility provided by the doors and windows along the walls. There are now eight apertures, perfect for those who want to live in close contact with nature but protected from insects and curious eyes, thanks to the innovative fiberglass “black edition” mosquito nets, which make it easy to look out but hard to look in. Privacy is guaranteed. 

A hi-tech tent, with the best materials such as AIRTEX® for the side walls: waterproof yet able to expel water vapour whilst protecting against the weather. Each door and window can be darkened to keep out the light and sunshine. 

Maggiolina 360° is a tent for all weather conditions: ideal in the heat due to its large windows, but perfect too in the rain and wind, when the apertures are closed. 

Sleeping ArrangementsThree tent sizes to choose from—two with 72” long mattresses. The Large with a 75” long mattress. For two adults, the “Small” model is comfortable. For two adults and a child, or if you prefer more space, look at the “Medium” model. For two adults and two children, choose the Grand Tour large. 

Max HeadroomThe Grand Tour has more headroom than any other Maggiolina—a full 38″ from the mattress to the headliner. 

A Door in a DoorThe doors of the Grand Tour provide for access, privacy, and ventilation—totally configurable so you can optimize to meet requirements. 

Carry stuff on topAdd the optional Fit Kit and the Grand Tour can carry a piggy-back roof rack for a kayak, surf board, or bicycle…what have you got to carry. 

Comfort in any weatherWhatever the weather the Grand Tour will keep you dry and comfortable. Insulation top and bottom assures warmth, the convertible doors and breathable fabric keep out rain and snow. 

Looks and performance are built-inStandard model or our optional colors, European materials, fabrics, and Italian design are artfully blended with old-world craftsmanship. 

Proven worldwideThe Maggiolina design has been proven in over 50 years of service on six continents. Why gamble?

Opening & Closing The TentElegantly designed and aerodynamic classic models perfect on small cars and 4WD vehicles. Models equipped with opening “by handle”, soundproof and anti-condensation roof, high density sponge mattress with cotton cover, 2 to 4 pillows and adjustable aluminum ladder for medium height vehicles. 

Roof InsulationAll particulars, from the design concept, materials and components, to the safety features and insulation, have been methodically chosen and thoroughly tested in order to obtain an all-weather proof product that can be depended upon at all times. Just like the structure of a boat, we have used fibreglass to prevent it from aging, discolouring or losing its shape. Its remarkable capacity to withstand knocks and bumps can ensure durability but should the worst happen Maggiolina is easily repaired. 

Air GapRoof insulation with air gap is an exclusive Autohome feature. The air cushion obtained by the internal alveolar panel and the anti-condensation foam allow a better thermal and acoustic insulation and a healthier and more silent place to rest in case of rain. 

Sandwich ConstructionThe “sandwich” construction base has 25mm insulation thickness, while the two “C” shaped built in guides allow easy installation of roof tent with any kind of roof cross bars (normally without any additional fixings) offering a steady and safe structure in order to withstand any off-road stresses. 

Design Made in Italy means quality, originality and style.A production process based on master craftsmanship and industry, characterized by high-quality materials, aesthetic taste, a care for detail, sensitivity to beauty and durability, making Autohome a leading and excellent participant in international competition.The reasons for the worldwide success are based on a strong local artistic and cultural tradition. Just as a tree is nourished by the soil in which it is rooted, so Autohome draws from the skills and creativity of the territory, its art and culture.

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