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Old Man Emu 2
Old Man Emu 2Old Man Emu 2

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* When you choose "Strut Assembly", it includes new top hats for $90.00 + $45.00 for shipping.

Unlike numerous Toyota Tacoma aftermarket suspension systems, which are only available in a single configuration targeting lift height, Old Man Emu Suspension offers a range of tuned and matched integrated Tacoma suspension lift systems to ensure the right suspension is available to suit how the vehicle is outfitted and the conditions it will encounter.

Please Note: We recommend the SPC Upper Control Arms. These UCA improve droop travel, drivability and tire wear as well as adjusting tire position in your wheel well with SPC’s adjustable front upper control arms. Featuring an upgraded greaseable ball joint and SpecRide™ bushings, this arm is designed to correct alignment angles while maintaining factory ride quality. SPC's integrated tubular and cast steel designs provide the strength and durability needed for the most demanding environments. These remove and replace arms are sold in pairs. PRICE: $629.95


  • Stock (OMETAC16LKSB)
  • Medium Load (OMETAC16MKSB)
  • Heavy Load (OMETAC16HKSB)

Design and Development:

Initial evaluation of the new 2016 Tacoma was that the vehicle provided a balanced, compliant ride that gave the OME engineers a good platform for developing a range of suspension solutions. Consideration was given to the front geometry to maximize the Tacoma suspension lift while maintaining optimal levels of droop, down travel and proper alignment.

This new generation of Tacoma has a different weight bias and total weight than the previous generation, so a full run of ride testing was undertaken to ensure the proper combination of solutions were found.

Front Suspension:


Three OME Tacoma spring options were chosen to cater for: No Bar, Bar or Winch only and Bar + Winch vehicle setups. As the suspension design is the same as the previous model Tacoma, existing coil part numbers could be used, noting some slight change in application. Factory geometry allowed for a 2-inch Tacoma lift kit and while still maintain an adequate level of droop.


An extensive development and tuning project was undertaken to correctly match the ride quality to the spring rate and resulted in 2 front strut options depending on spring selection. A front trim packer is also available for fine tuning front ride heights and correct for any left/ right lean.

Rear Suspension:


Great emphasis was placed on ride comfort, with and without a payload, which led to three loading scenarios using the same leaf spring part number (CS047R). For stock loads where no weight is added, it is recommended to remove a leaf from the spring pack to maximize ride comfort and achieving a 2 inch ride height increase. For heavy applications an extra leaf has been designed.

  • Stock loads (0lbs to GVM, optimal performance at loads of 0-300lbs) *Removal of third leaf required
  • Constant 300lbs (300lbs to GVM, optimal performance at loads of 300-600lbs)
  • Constant 600lbs (600lbs to GVM, optimal performance at loads of 600lbs plus) *Extra leaf required

Shock Absorbers:

The rear shock absorber has been developed and tuned with particular attention to controlling the vehicle both with and without payloads. Numerous iterations of valving were tested in order to determine the best possible spring and shock absorber combination based on potential payload scenarios. As a result, the best possible configuration of ride comfort and vehicle control was achieved with this 2016 Tacoma suspension lift system.

Bushes and Hardware:

A spring bush kit has been developed to work with the original shackles and the driveline spacer kit is available should the vehicle experience any driveline vibration.